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Breathing and whatnot [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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heat all hot [Nov. 9th, 2002|09:11 pm]
[mood |productiveproductive]
[music |goat explosion]

who updates these things? obviously not me for the last ...forever. hmmm. bleh. once i get my own computer...which santa should be bringing...it will be soooo sweet. my eyes are buggin. i need to eat more green beans because. i can't wait to see lancaster for thanksgiving.

cheetos are life. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. jesse horror is sex. i am done.
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sarah hot nites [Nov. 8th, 2002|10:16 pm]
nicole is a hot bitch. word.
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sweetness [Jun. 20th, 2002|10:16 pm]
[music |morrisey xo]

to this day i still giggle like a retard over nothing much...because it's him. people who make you giggle like retards should take note that they may call whenever they want and may visit whenever possible.

i am excited to see rainer maria on sunday but i am not excited that i didn't get a plus one but it will still be fun. Brownies is small and i think this dude i met might come with his one friend so i hope they aren't creepy but are funness. I need to increase my friend-age in nyc.

my friend anna is the hizzy. she is taking me for a good hairs cutting tomorrow so i am mad excited. i hate my current hairs so this is much needed and looked forward to. i think i am going to dye it then. and i am going to start to draw up my half sleeve with the hopes of getting it started soon. I have some sweet ideas to get down on paper. i think my roomate may help me work on it too. i want to also draw up the tatoos i had drawn up before but some psycho bitch stole them and ran off to do heroin and be a whore. i don't think i will be seeing my drawings again anyway...

i'm feeling alot more comfortable here now. i want to get to know the city well so i don't have to feel like a douche every time i want to get somewhere or have to run an errand for a promoter. If i can get a hold on how the subway runs that would be key.

on another note, i finally bought bread today and Coke and GRAPES!!!!!! mmmm. they are so good when you freeze them. I'm psyched to have them for a snack tomorrow instead of eating junk. (but icecream is def better...mmmm so yummy)

there are so many good shows coming up. i can't wait and i really can't wait for my friends aaron, kyle and dan to come visit for the weekend of the siren music festival. It is going to be hot.

my bathroom ceiling is getting fixed and i want my damn shower back so the fixer guys better finish the job tomorrow or pretty soon i'm goin to be one stinky girl. no lie. I usually smell pretty good though. I'm a non stinky girl for the most part as most would tell you. but i cannot deny that my feet hate the summer. i think it's hormones or something that make them get feety now and again. ah well.

i love kat. she is my shit as well. her visits make my week so much better. and daniel needs to make a visit shortly please. and where is my matty too!!!! we must get our movie watching on. no one else watches movies like those boys. i want to make a visit to princeton soon so i can get my lip repierced.

i'm out yo. i's becomeing addicted to the internet. word. xo
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fuck-oh-bazoo [Jun. 5th, 2002|05:17 pm]
[mood |gratefulgrateful]
[music |beat crusaders]

i gots a jobbey job. word.

text messageing is off the hook. i can't stop.
note to self- god has a plan so what am i worrying about? Thanks xkennyx for reminding me. i needed to hear it.

i miss delanna. she is hotness up in the ster. There's no fun girls like her here. and i miss my sunshine and my emmers. and my cat.

i'm hungry.
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non commital [Jun. 4th, 2002|10:18 am]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |favez]

i'm not looking for some everything. i'm not asking for much. but you've shown me there's nothing that these hands or this heart could do to make this human..let this breath. you've left me under the stars that night and no one's talking so maybe you'll never contemplate your hand on my face when you look up. this smiles out of good graces and i'm tired of hoping for anything inside. the spaces are wide and you've embraced the divide so i'm helpless.
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big titties and a matchin ass [Apr. 13th, 2002|01:38 am]
[mood |dorkydorky]
[music |weezer]

so we are in the midst of an all request marathon at WRRC 107.7 at rider u. i am however gettin sleepy as the hour approachs two. and then i keep thinking about all the things that i need to get done and my tummy hurts because i ate too much damn pizza. ugh. but it's so good. so good. and i miss the people i shouldn't miss. why do i have to be so retarded. the pictures did it....nothing did it. yeah. but for the most part things are good and i met this boyee, Matt last nite who was up visitin my friend mikey. it was a fun nite to be had by most. and i'm draggin my ass to the end of this semester and into my rock and roll super stardom. or something like that. back to the music, word. being a puss is the new kewl. i win....i keep thinking i lost when you said goodbye. lame again...yet my kewlness increases in size and intensity. i'm definetly tired and this is incoherant. i want a kitty.
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cranky kids [Mar. 6th, 2002|12:57 pm]
[mood |determineddetermined]
[music |Denali]

so i am determined to be positive and uncranky. most people are caught in this hectic pace of a life and they stop looking up at the son...sun. but anyway. i am looking forward to this weekend. i get to relax on this retreat the intervarsity group is going on. its at this girls beach house and jess and dave and brian and i are going to have so much fun especially. i never get to see all of them lately. i miss jess. she listens and gives me the best hugs in the whole wide world and she is absolutely beautiful inside and out. i can't wait to commence a car opera on the ride there. i'll be the in car dj. sweet!

i miss my friend jesse. he is far away in savannah, GA. He wrote me a nice e-mail and i am determined to send him a letter and or package by next week. We are most defenitly going to rock cornerstone this summer again. I don't think the place i am interning will care if i miss a week. i am so happy that i will be interning there. tim, the promoter i talk to there is so nice and we are already becomeing fast friends. meeting him and putting a face to the voice makes it a real friendship, ya know.

blake gave me the kewlest purse ever. it is black with a red star on the flap. i like it alot. and it has that new leather smell. it's so rock-a-billy hottness. i can't wait to go to the city with him next friday. we are going with this couple, mike and diane. we met them at a rock-a-billy show last saturday at this bar in princeton. they are soooo nice and fun to hang out with. mike has lyle lovitt hair. heh heh. i need a cute hot rod girlee dress so i look like a pin up girl tatooed on someones arm. rawr. heh.

i put red tips on my hair. it looks ok. but it is semi-permanent so it will be damn pink shortly. i need to bleach my hair again soon and blake is trying to find out where to get this awesome red hair dye and shampoo for me. I am going to be the hottest girlee around. I wnat to get a hair cut too. I need money. i spend too much and make too little. i should ask dan to help me sell stuff on e-bay. i have cd's to unload that i never listen too.

this semester is sucking in that i feel like i don't want to do my work. i have too much work to do in fact. and i am getting senior-itis. i need to go to the movies. i'm probably the only person who has seen like 1 movie in about a years time. another thing that i don't do because i am broke.

i just have to take it a day at a time lately because i get horribly overwhelmed when i don't.

and thank god me and kat straightened things out because a not so straight individual messed them up hardcore. i am so disappointed that he succeeded in destroying our friendship or at least the one i thought we had. I actually cared about that rat bastard. i hope he gets an std and has to hide in a hole for the rest of his life. i guess that's harsh but he is a stuck up fucked up snotty rich boy who needs to stop rolling in his over dramatized problems and get a fucking life. nat and beth were right all along. what a douche he turned out to be. i should have listened to u girls then but i was being all co-dependant and lame. no more of that shit.

i can't wait till spring break which also reminds me that i have to go to the bank. i actually have a small paycheck to cash. wonder of wonders.

*random question: why do boys like sleeping with random girls they're not dating and then get all giddy and excited about the habit. that is stupid. hooking up is one thing but....that's just stupid and ....stupid. heh.

You's kats, i love you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
i can make it through this week. i really can.

here i am and i still manage to think of you
i'll hold you in my heart forever
but there's a reason i had to loose.
too busy mourning what meant better tomorrows,
that's all i can think.
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nausea [Feb. 27th, 2002|01:14 pm]
[mood |melancholymelancholy]
[music |The Get Up Kids]

i must say i miss the guys from rescue already. they are sweetness. I had the most fun with them. and i met the superest camden kids...who will undoubtedly have to hang out with me again. sheena bo beena is a fine ass bitch who must come here and visit me now. roadtrips are the hizzy. i am psyched to be able to promote rescue and for dire life's sake.

also got to see nat and jc this weekend. that was nice. jc is too kewlness. he is so nice. i am glad nat has friends like him to lean on. and richter. They crack me up. i can only imagine the riots that ensue when they are all hanging out. nat, come take me to south jersey soon. i miss you. xo

something made me think of someone i was forgetting so well. it was defenitly the number 73 and the imploring look in someone else's eyes. "give it a chance". My heart can hardly swallow that. being alone is safe and i don't think i can handle more right now. i hate having to make decisions like that or answer those questions. so much more complicated than "what color is the sky?" i miss knowing what i wanted for those few fleeting months. i miss it more than i can say. coming across photos of on the field and in my heart....i would be lieing if i said it doesn't matter anymore. i liked that it was cold in the old house. it made cuddling during repeated viewings of evil dead even better. i'm sure there's few memories cherished on their part anymore but anyway..

i have to run to the station for my office hours and my tummy definelty hurts. i'm so tired. went to nyc again last night. it was super fun as always. blake has the kewlest family and friends to hang out with and i met another sheena. sweet, yo. she was from india and she was kewlness. very smart and great to make smart girl conversations with. i hope i see her again very soon.

friday is the big internship interview in nyc and whatnot. i can't wait to hang out with tim at aam and have fun to the max. i hope we do kewl stuff after work. i am sure times will be had. hell yeah. but i really must jet.

daniel son is off the hizzle....nyerdal to the woo dee dee. even though i wanted to strangle you the other day, dirty boyee
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classsssss [Feb. 20th, 2002|11:22 am]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |the Detachment kit]

this weekend promises to rawk. i got to meet south jersey crew. word. more later. i must go add to my vast array of knowledge...or maybe i'll just sleep in class. heh.
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dead dilema [Jan. 30th, 2002|09:14 pm]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |veronica]

so i totally broke my new wonderful black rimmed glasses. they look hot on me too. i have to get my roomate to take some hot pics of me and some of us together to put up on my diary. anyway, i stepped directly on the glasses which, being a total douche i set on the floor minutes earlier while i was getting something out of my bag. oh how i wish i had a brain sometimes. aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! i cried out in anguish as the frames snapped. but my friend said he will buy me new ones. i want to go where i got them before and get the exact same ones. it's imperative.

i had a crap day. so frusterating. it was my token doplic day of the month....more so than my usual doplicness. ah, well. someone successfully cheered me up...ahem, you know who you are. i feel special when my cell phone rings. i just got it so not many kids call me on it yet.

i finally made an appointment with a career services person so i hope that helps me get on track. i am nervous...but less nervous now that i am here being productive. now i just have to finish writing to my professor for my supervised study. and read for comm. law and catch up at the station...the list goes on.

the new veronica c.d. is too cute and i love it. moog to the max. woo hoo. it made me miss talkin to ian. i need to call that boyee.

a trip to boston is soon in order for me i think. maybe next weekend. we'll see. my friend steve is all excited for me to visit. and i would love to see boston. as i have mentioned, i might intern there.

i went to bible study last night and it was the most super fun. i love my friend jess so much. she is such a wonderful girlee. we rawked out. her boyee dave plays a mean acoustic. it felt good to sing. harmonizing is the hizzy, yo. i think i will even manage to make it to church on sunday. Jess gave me an invite so i will make the effort to get there. prayer can really do wonders. no lie, kids. as always, this is my view on religion and i'm not looking to shove it down anyones throat. it's all good.

but i must run. denny's time aproacheth. i have to call steven soon to tell him about the death cab show. i am excited even though it's not till march 13th. hee hee.

my friend mike has no neck but he is tuff. he made my lip look pretty. we are going to have tuff time soon in phili yo. hell's yeah. he's edge to the max. His girl is kewlness too. word.

i miss my lancaster kids already. i hope they are bringing the rock continuously. i'm sure they are. xo
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