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in a land far away - Breathing and whatnot [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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in a land far away [Mar. 3rd, 2004|03:03 am]
[mood |moodymoody]
[music |Elliot- Song In The Air]

i had totally forgotten that i had one of these things and then Lou was sitting at my computer and there it was...livejournal. amazing. due to insomnia i may even update more than three times a year. woo hoo. equally amazing.

tonite was un-amazing what with peoples parents getting in car accident mess and not going to the shows and holding the hands previously arranged upon. this is not a surprise to me. however i am determined to fucking rule my lifestyle rounds tomorrow and call Brett about Volume...because my modest mouse party is going to fucking be the shit. i am so determined...to make it to the weekend which is going to rule as long as no one breaks shit or ...eats bad vegan ribs or something equally ridiculous which might prolong seperation and sleepover/tea/40 oz. party.

oh and p.s., boys and girls are not allowed in dressing rooms together. this thought did not occur to me, i mean there were boys and girls in the same dressing room so. hee hee. no sex in the dressing room. who does that? sheesh. hmmmm..heh heh.

i'm getting taco bell tomorrow. i have decided. i'm pheeening(sp?) for it. there's nothing to eat in my house and i've become dependent on joint shopping ventures. i can justify the old lady cart when my roomates pushing it. heh heh. but seriously. i need some classic humus up in this piece, pronto and like five boxes of morningstar shit. mmmmmm. i drank tea tonite...*sigh*. i'm in love with a pair of tapers and i just look at them from time to time. but i'm going to buy them real soon. with my plastic most likely. damn, it's shit to be broke style. if someone else makes an uneeded expenditure with me I will feel justifieds so...Lou, buy that jacket bitch and i'll buy them tapers. i mean, we need these things, right. exactly.

i'm going to sleep so when i hit those productive hours tomorrow i'll be golden. sweeeeeeeeet. hey...hi...xoxoxox. your welcome.

[User Picture]From: jennynumberone
2004-03-03 12:43 pm (UTC)
hey, remember me?? you live in brooklyn now?? what part?
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[User Picture]From: heartxcrossed
2004-03-05 12:47 am (UTC)
of course i remember you! i live right past park slope..next the art museum and botanical gardens. it's pretty sweet. how's life?
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