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industrial strength - Breathing and whatnot [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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industrial strength [Feb. 28th, 2003|02:16 pm]
paying loans sucks. coffee does not. getting up for work sucks. free beer does not. my heat making my apt africa hot sucks. kat mac dancing so sexy-like does not. wasting time while my boss is out of the office...sucks and does not suck. having to pee every 5 minutes because i drank a pot of coffee sucks. leg warmers do not suck. missing friends sucks alot. new friends do not suck but rather kick my ass. yes. paying my dues sucks. having benefits would def not suck! loosing my glove sucked hardcore. hot thrift scarves rule. so do new plugs. being the dork that signed nickleback...SUCKS! however, making mega bucks in ANR does not suck. (and buyin the lady some drinks didn't hurt.) the L late at nite sort of sucks but sort of not...if equally ridiculous friends are keeping you awake. waiting for the L most certainly sucks. double mixed cd's are like woah excellent. balancing my damn checkbook totally fucking sucks. freeze dried strawberries in the cereal i'm eating do not suck. nore do the pimping skils of nic ghetto...absolutely off the chain. that is all. i'm bored. i shook ted nugents hand yesterday at spitfire. i do not know if that sucks or not. i am undecided as to my feelings on this event. the end.

[User Picture]From: chicosticks
2003-03-02 06:44 pm (UTC)

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[User Picture]From: heartxcrossed
2003-03-03 02:00 pm (UTC)


we's the hottest bitches. you know it. did you see the beth's pic's!!! so hot. lol.
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